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Why Do We Love Living in Mallorca? 

No Charge, No Cameras, No Jobsworths, No Hassle!!    People often ask us why we moved to Spain. It is a long story. There are lots of things that we love about Spain but as frequent travellers one of the things we love best is the fact that we can drive right up to departures at Palma Airport, without having to pay. Every airport we have been to in the UK, charges you money simply to drop someone off. Crazy. However, the biggest advantage is being able to wait outside the arrivals area without being moved…Read more

Musical Instrument Insurance 

From time to time, we are asked if we can recommend a reliable insurance company for musical instruments. For several years, we have been using Lark Insurance, as they are geared to the needs of musicians. They were a great help when Noel's Avalon Americana was damaged back in 2014. 

Visit their webpage for more information -  http://www.larkinsurance.co.uk

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Favourite Song? 

What is your favourite song from our Wonderful EP? It is always good to get feedback from our friends. Visit our MUSIC page and the POLL is alongside the album.

Online Store 

If you haven't done so already, please take a look at our Online Store, where you can listen to all the songs from 'Wonderful' and 'Favourite Place', and buy in MP3 or CD format.

Tapas Crawl - a great night out in Palma, Mallorca 

Those of you who enjoy visiting Spain are probably familiar with Tapas, the small bites of delicious food, often placed on little slices of bread. An evening spent with friends, eating these tasty snacks, accompanied by wine, is something that we love to do. The experience of trying new foods in bite size pieces is a great concept. Seafood, meats and vegetables combined in a variety of different ways. One of Noel's favourite Tapas is oxtail, mashed potato and onion relish on a small slice of bread. Usually…

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5 Gadgets Every Guitarist Needs 

We are always keen to pass on new ideas to our musician friends. Recently we bought some strings from Strings Direct and now they keep us updated on various products that are available. It's good to see that they include the G7th Performance 2 Capo, which we recommend. Why not take a few minutes to check out all these useful gadgets. Click on each image for more info. Have fun!

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Good friends 

We are so grateful for our close friendships and last night, we had the joy of sharing a great meal with Wayne & June Drain, in Russellville, Arkansas. Good food, good conversation, life is good. By the way, check out the restaurant - Pasta Grill Russellville Excellent!!

How to get a good seat on British Airways long-haul flights 

Travel is a major part of all our lives and in lots of ways can be stressful and uncomfortable. Because we travel a lot with our work, we have learned some useful tips to make things easier and thought this one would be good to share with you all. We try and fly British Airways when we do long-haul, because they are one of the best airlines and we appreciate the service they offer. However, if like us, you are flying on a budget (i.e. in Coach/Economy Class), how can you be certain of getting the seats with…Read more

Everything is bigger in America 

People often speak about the huge portions of food that are served in restaurants throughout the USA. Yesterday, we found further proof that everything is bigger in America, when we purchased this extra sized bottle of wine. Tonight is Friday and with all the family together, I guess we will make short work of this. Enjoy your weekend!

Spiritsongs Website 

We have just got connected with a project called Spiritsongs and are now profiled on their website. Creative Director, Clifford White, expresses the vision for the project as follows:  - Spiritsongs.co.uk is intended to provide a central platform for all UK spiritual singer-songwriters. Whilst there have been several websites created over the years for vocal music, to our knowledge there has never been a website dedicated to the promotion of UK spiritual singer/songwriters before, and it is specifically forRead more