Dece - Life changing clothing

Back in 2014, Noel had the chance to visit NETWORKS, a team making a big difference to peoples' lives in Romania. One of the projects that Networks has set up, is a clothing company called Dece. Dece means ‘Why?’ in Romanian and the following is taken from their website: "Why is there still so much poverty in this world? Dece is a question in Romanian, but our vision as a company is to become an answer. Dece is more than just a brand; we are a company created to give life-changing opportunities by creating employment for people who want to rise above poverty."
This is a picture of Noel wearing his Dece hat last year, somewhere in the North Atlantic. Take a few minutes to check out their headgear, scarves, wallets, belts and more at the DECE WEBSITE. Everything you buy will help to make a difference.........


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