Roger Hodgson - Logical Song

Last year. we missed an opportunity to see this guy perform live. Big mistake! He is touring again this year and if you live near a venue, you should catch him in action. His tour dates are at his WEBSITE

Take a look at this solo performance of the LOGICAL SONG

Roger Hodgson has been recognized as one of the most gifted composers, songwriters and lyricists of our time. As the legendary voice and composer of many of the band’s greatest  hits, he gave us  “Give a Little Bit,” “The Logical Song,”“Dreamer,” “Take the Long Way Home,”“Breakfast in America,” “It’s Raining Again,”“School,” “Fool’s Overture” and so many others that have become the soundtrack of our lives. Roger's trademark way of setting beautiful introspective lyrics to upbeat melodies resonated and found its way into the hearts and  minds of people from cultures around the world. His  songs have remarkably stood the test of time and earned  Roger and  Supertramp an adoring worldwide following.   

During the time that Roger was with the band, Supertramp became a worldwide rock phenomenon, selling well over 60 million albums to date. In Canada alone, sales for “Crime of the Century” and “Breakfast in America” reached Diamond status, meaning one in fifteen Canadians owned both albums. The wildly successful album “Breakfast in America" hit number one in countries around the world and stayed on the top of the charts for a full year, selling over 20 million copies and becoming one of the biggest selling albums of all time.

Currently, Roger is touring worldwide, selling out shows all over the globe and receiving fantastic reviews from media and fans alike.  He is performing both public and private concerts in a variety of formats - solo, with backing band, and with symphony orchestra. Consistently uniting four generations at his concerts, Roger transports baby boomers back to their youth and gives younger generations a taste of why his heartfelt songs have endured. 

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