The Train Is About To Leave

We are busy this week, preparing for our UK concert tour, which kicks-off in the North East of England at Lanchester, on Tuesday 12th April. From there, we will work down the country, to finish up in the Cobham/Leatherhead area, which was our home for 30 years. It will be good to see many of our friends at the final event. We have dusted down the Avalon Americana and our G7th Capos, warmed up our voices and rehearsed the new set. Now begins the process of checking the dimensions of our carry-on bags, to make sure we get them on-board the planes of Easyjet and Ryanair, without incurring penalty charges. If only we could travel by train, as per the picture, which was taken last week in Mallorca, while working on a video produced by the Zerger Brothers. We also have to make sure we pack all the right clothes for this trip. Last time we visited the UK, we did not see the sun for almost 10 days! We look forward to seeing you 'on the road'. Full details of all the venues are HERE

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