Why Do We Love Living in Mallorca?

No Charge, No Cameras, No Jobsworths, No Hassle!!    People often ask us why we moved to Spain. It is a long story. There are lots of things that we love about Spain but as frequent travellers one of the things we love best is the fact that we can drive right up to departures at Palma Airport, without having to pay. Every airport we have been to in the UK, charges you money simply to drop someone off. Crazy. However, the biggest advantage is being able to wait outside the arrivals area without being moved on by some jobsworth, or having your car photographed by surveillance cameras. Today, I waited 50 minutes under this sign, while armed Police patrolled the area. Some cars are often left empty. All the cars near me had been abandoned. Double parking is allowed. This is such a relaxing place to be. I really hope this doesn't change.................


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