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May 2019 Newsletter Online

This is our latest update, featuring news about Budapest 2020, a new single and video from Bryn Haworth, concert schedule and more......... 

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USA Dates - October 2019

We are now planning our October schedule in the USA. Please write to us if you are interested in hosting "An Evening with Noel & Tricia Richards"  WRITE

Mallorca - Coastal Videos

The sea is always changing and we see something different every day. We love living in Mallorca!




Spring - A great time to visit Mallorca

Spring - A great time to visit Mallorca

We have just enjoyed a beautiful walk in the Spring sunshine around the beach area of Palma Nova. It truly is the best time to be here. The sun is…

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Essential Tools for Live Performances

1 Water: It is so essential to keep hydrated when gigging. We find it really helps our voices to drink as much as possible before, during and after the concert

2 Spare Batteries: We use clip on guitar…

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Psalms, Hymns & Spiritual Songs Concerts

We are now booking these concerts for 2019, where we share an evening of songs and stories. These concerts will feature many of our best loved congregational worship songs, together with songs about life, love, friendship and faith. To enquire…

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Our First Gig in France!

We are really looking forward to this first house concert in France on 4th October. It is taking place in L'Isle-de-Noé. 

Concert Dates Available!

We are currently working on our schedule for the Autumn period in Europe and have 18 concerts lined up in France, UK and Germany. If you would like to have us play an intimate house concert for you, or something…

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'Words' - live concert recording.

This is currently one of Noel's favourite songs, when we perform in concert. It is a delicate, thoughtful song about the words that we speak. Words can bless or curse, create or destroy and this song reminds us to be…

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